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The list you never knew you needed… the most popular TDs names

Earlier I was told that according to Twitter there are apparently more MPs in Westminster named John than women. The discussion then moved on to whether there was more of similar named TDs in Dáil Éireann than female deputies which stands at 25 deputies in the 31st Dáil. Courtesy of Kildarestreet.com and their exportable CSV … Continue reading

Where Dublin rail usage leads the nation follows?

I was playing around the other day with the fantastic Central Statistic Offices website and their databases and while looking at the transport dataset I graphed the rise and decline of rail journeys since 1981 and noted that the DART and Dublin Suburban rail usage patterns paralleled the rise and decline in per capita GDP … Continue reading

Undoing 1950s Ireland in 2013

Austerity is a bit like opening the curtains to let more light into a room you see more often in the cosy dim than the stark bright. Since 2008 we as a people have had to look at things that are familiar in our national sitting room and wonder when and why did we get … Continue reading

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