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Space, the final frontier…will you vote to get me there?

It’s a funny line,”Space, the final frontier..” echoing from my telly as long as I can remember. When you think about it Space is but the first frontier of many, but hearing those few words whether echoed by Shatner, Nimoy or Stewart; has always given me goosebumps. Space is where we can pick up, where humanity stopped at the beginning of the 20th Century, exploring new places, stretching out further the reach of our civilisation.

Since the reaching of the North and South Poles, getting to the Moon was but a temporary expedition, we as an exploring people have had no new places to find, explore, adapt and make home. We do best when we’re challenged and on the move.

I saw on television about a week ago that Lynx, the people who keep teenagers and young men smelling somewhat bearable, are advertising a competition to win a trip into space. I’ve entered, my chances are slim, the odds are against me but it’s only a bit of fun…just how I would imagine any good trip starts.

As a lifelong wannabe astronaut I need your help, sure you don’t know me and I can’t pay you back, but I am asking for it, so I hope you can give it.

Will you please vote for me, spare me 30 seconds and then let’s see what’s out there?

Enter here, please

Thank you for your help.



About Brian Stokes

Spent seven years working as a Parliamentary Assistant and Personal Assistant in Dáil Éireann and the Department of Foreign Affairs. Studying History & Economics in University College Cork. Walker of a dog called Vimes.


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