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Swapping students for peace. North/South community building in Ireland, a suggestion.

In our home we occasionally take students who have been from all over Europe & the Carribean (once); they come to work and study for between a month to three months. I have found it as interesting for us as it has hopefully been for them. You learn interesting things like the noise a dog … Continue reading

Space, the final frontier…will you vote to get me there?

It’s a funny line,”Space, the final frontier..” echoing from my telly as long as I can remember. When you think about it Space is but the first frontier of many, but hearing those few words whether echoed by Shatner, Nimoy or Stewart; has always given me goosebumps. Space is where we can pick up, where … Continue reading

In memory of PJ

PJ Richardson had one arm; when I was 11 that was pretty incredible especially when he showed me how his prosthesis could be moved with a shrug of his shoulder, he also bought me a coke that evening. I think he lost his arm at the same age. Some memories stick and that one always … Continue reading

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