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Anglo Promissory Notes and a National Strike

This morning I went on the long enduring and worthy Ballyhea Bondholder Protest March, (today in Ballyhea, alternating to Charleville next Sunday) where the call by the President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Eugene McGlone for a National Strike was spoken about by those that attended the Austerity March yesterday in Dublin. … Continue reading

Naomi Hanlon on being an Irish Protestant

Originally posted on Tribes Women:
I am a Protestant. This means I have grown up in a minority, getting a slagging for the most part. During my six years at a Protestant-ethos secondary school, it was quite rough at times and nowadays living in Galway I often find myself the butt of the jokes among…

1 Million water meter boundary boxes wanted.

Bord Gáis are seeking tenders for the supply of 1 million water meter boundary boxes for delivery from July 2013 to December 2016. The supplier is not expected to supply all the boxes at once, with the tender seeking 320,000 boxes between 2014 to 2015. The tender is published here . Buying water meter boxes … Continue reading

Bankers & Lyndon B Johnson

Today while reading Pay any Price by Lloyd C. Gardner, a quote by Lyndon B. Johnson stood out to me. Below, Johnson set out his view on what he believed would cause a developed country to break from democracy and shift to either Communism or Fascism – Bankers. He believed that they were the guilty … Continue reading

The Gathering Song Saga continues

As mentioned in my previous post regarding the E-Tender published by Clare County Council to produce a song for The Gathering for County Clare, it would appear from correspondence sent to the Council by prospective bidders that there is are some concerns in the difficulty in tendering to produce a song they have never heard. … Continue reading

€18,000 budgeted by Clare County Council for a song for The Gathering.

Would you like to produce a song and possibly get paid €18,000 for it? No, this isn’t a new song contest show from RTÉ but a tender request from Clare County Council published on the E-Tenders site on the 8th of November to produce a song by Peter Keane called ‘The Gathering’ which will be … Continue reading

Going backwards on TB

This evening on Prime Time (13th November 2012) a report on the rise of TB, the great and feared disease that haunted the land, rich and poor alike, has coincided with my reading of the very enjoyable autobiography “To Cure and to Care” of Dr James Deeny, the Chief Medical Adviser to the government was … Continue reading

Increasing competition at the top.

I love driving. I love driving because I can listen to the radio, driving gives me the chance to chew and mull over the chat shows, talks shows and news programmes that we are lucky to have here in Ireland, we give out about our media but as national and local stations go we’re blessed … Continue reading

Irishness & being Irish

Two weeks ago, columnist Jennifer O’Connell in the Irish Times set out in her column that she felt it was time to move on from the tawdry form of Irishness that pervades the perception of Ireland that she believes we sell abroad, to be fair this piece was based on the very naff Certificates of … Continue reading

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